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Big Shot! You get everything from the silver package but with enhanced upgrades! Nice Hefty 5x5 logo on the hood with the side logos offered in the silver package. Another upgrade obtaining 30 photos of you with the vehicle and the team plus 3 videos of you reving and/or driving one of the race cars (the team will personally come to your location if within the United States). You will get 10 B2B contacts from Gold down (primarily gold sponsors). Additionally you will get two Bee-Sting Racing hats and polos. 


    You have 30-days to send us your company information and or cancel this sponsorship. 


    Please send your company logo and the instagram/facebook/website to your company on the 'contact us' location of this website and within a 3 weeks you will recieve a photo of your logo on the vehicle and business contacts.

    Any posts of the vehicle or bee-sting racing content will include a tag to your company.